Bass Pale Ale - Established by William Bass in 1777 and was one of the first breweries in Burton upon Trent, England.

Anchor Steam Beer - San Francisco's famous beer was founded in 1896. It's a classic example of America's brewing tradition that's stood the test of time.

Saint Archer White Ale - Brewed with high quality Pilsner and Wheat malts, generously spiced with coriander and Fresh orange peel.
Smithwick's - Ireland's oldest and favourite Ale to come out of the island. Going strong with customers since the year 1710.
Ballast Point IPA Grapefruit Sculpin - An award-winning IPA, with a citrus twist Based in San Diego
Guinness - Started in 1759 by Arthur Guinness. He leased a disused brewery at St. James Gate, Dublin, Ireland for an annual rent of £45.

Boddington's Pub Ale
Newcastle Brown Ale
Harp Lager
Strongbow Dry Cider
Magners Irish Cider

Magners Pear Irish Cider

Stella Artois


Bud Light
O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic



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Did You Know?

Smithwick's - The Smithwick brewery is situated on the site of a Franciscan abbey where monks had brewed ale since the 14th century. It is Ireland’s oldest operating brewery, founded by John Smithwick in 1710.

Strongbow Cider - Strongbow is named after the Anglo-Norman knight Richard de Clare, later Earl of Pembroke, nicknamed "Strongbow" for relying heavily on Welsh archers during campaigns in Ireland.

Newcastle Brown Ale - In Newcastle the beer is often called 'Dog' (or simply 'Broon'). The 'Dog' name comes from the euphemism "I'm going to walk the dog" or "I'm going to see a man about a dog" - meaning "I'm going to the pub".